The Billard Room

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Zack watched intently as Jamie sauntered through the crowd in his billiard centre. He had been watching her for two years, lusting after her. But alas, she belonged to his former friend-turned-arch enemy, Darryl. Lucky bastard. He could tell that they were truly in love.

Daryl broke off from the gang a year ago, taking some brothers along with him and forming his own gang. But Darryl was in trouble and this time, Zack got him by the balls.

Zack watched from the security of his private billiard room, the room stood in the middle of the centre and was surrounded by one-way mirrors so one could see what’s going on outside. Zack reached for an old bottle of champagne behind the bar counter and casually poured a drink as he feasted his eyes on Jamie.

Sweet Jamie, the babe with the hot body, long, black hair, smooth well-tanned skin, a pair of innocently seductive eyes and sexy pouty lips. She was wearing a white tank-top (which clung onto the curves of her well-shaped breasts), short jeans skirt and open-toed heels. Sexy…but not slutty. What more can a man ask for?

Her knocking on the door broke off his trance-like stare. He nodded at his bodyguard and the man proceeded to open the door. ‘Welcome, Jamie. Been a long time…What can I do for you?’ Zack said. Jamie walked straight towards him, stopping about 2 metres away. ‘I’ve come to ask you to give Darryl a break.’ That’s what Zack admired about her besides her body, her straight-forwardness and guts. Feisty. ‘Well, that’s gonna be a problem…’ Zack nodded at the bodyguard, who acknowledged and went out of the room, locking it from the inside. Private business.

‘Darryl asked you to come?’ Zack asked. ‘No, he doesn’t know about this. You know his ego…I came on his behalf’ was the reply. ‘Well, Darryl screwed up bad this time. He broke the rules…I’m just covering my own ass. What would the other gangs do if they found out? Why should I take the risk?’ Zack shrugged as-a-matter-of-factly. ‘Please. For old friend’s sake.’ Jamie pleaded. Zack suppressed a surge of anger. Friends indeed. Then again, this could be his chance for ‘revenge’. Zack felt a sudden tingle of excitement up his spine…

‘Well, there is a way…but that will depend on you, Jamie…I need an incentive…’’What do you mean?’ Jamie asked. ‘I need you to do me a favour.’ ‘Ok, what can I do?’ Jamie inquired further. Zack pointed at her top. ‘You can start by taking that off.’ Zack was never one to beat around the bush. ‘Bastard!’ Jamie glared at Zack as she turned around and walked away. Zack exclaimed ‘If you walk out that door now, I can’t guarantee that Darryl will live to see Tuesday.’ That made Jamie stop. She knew that that wasn’t an idle threat. Reluctantly, she turned around and faced him. ‘Come closer’ Zack beckoned. She had to obey. Eventually, she stood an arms length away from him and sandwiched between him and a billiard table behind her. Zack placed his champagne bottle and glass on a table beside him and crossed his arms. ‘And?…’ Zack asked expectantly. At that point in time, he could have sworn he heard rapid, heavy heartbeats; whether it’s hers or his, he couldn’t tell. Jamie looked at him with defiant eyes as she reached down and took off her top, revealing a black-laced bra. Zack felt his heart skip a beat, he couldn’t help but stare at her body. Well-toned from exercising with perfect skin and perfectly shaped breasts, she was indeed a sight to behold. Jamie caught him studying her and suddenly, the confidence in her eyes a second ago seemed to dwindle a little. Her chest was heaving involuntarily with anticipation, making her breasts seem all the more enticing.

Zack couldn’t take it anymore, he had longed for this moment. Grabbing her by the shoulders, he planted a wet, desperate kiss on her lips. The impact threw her off-balance as both stumbled onto the billiard table behind, Zack on top of her. Zack’s hands quickly reached behind and unhooked her bra as Jamie’s lovely breasts sprang free, revealing pert nipples and an even tan. Zack unlocked their lips and began necking Jamie, quickly proceeding down ‘south’ and eventually taking her nipples in his mouth, sucking them fervently. Jamie suppressed a moan and instinctively fought the assault, but she was quickly overpowered and had her hands pinned to the side. Time seemed to freeze for a second as both lay still, staring into each other’s eyes, panting hard from the struggle.

Zack’s face was directly above hers. ‘Do as I say, …or Darryl dies!’ Zack sneered. Jamie fought back tears, she felt helpless as she realized what Zack said was the truth. Do it for Darryl, she thought and so she stopped resisting.

Seizing the moment, Zack planted another wet kiss on her lips, this time his tongue penetrated deep into her mouth, flicking at her tongue, toying it and caressing it. Jamie tried to shy her own tongue away, but it was not possible, he had caught her and she was forced to engage in his little game. Meanwhile, Zack’s hands had released their grip on hers as they slid up the sides of her body and gently cupped her breasts. He fingered her pert nipples, rolling them between his thumb and index. He felt them getting harder, just as the bulge in his pants got bigger. Jamie moaned, but it was lost in their kiss. Then, Zack reached down to her ass and caressed it. He lifted her by her ass and put her on the billiard table such that her legs were dangling from the edge.

Dislodging from their wet kiss, Zack leaned Jamie down and placed her arms straight above her head so that her body was taut. He then ran his hands across her body like a hunter feeling his catch. Jamie shivered at his touch, as his fingers traced the underside of her arms, the curves of her breasts and stroked her flat, well-toned stomach. He then bent down and tongued her cute, little belly-button. Jamie gasped at the sensation, as if a jolt of electricity shot through her body.

Zack unbuttoned her jeans skirt and slid it down her shapely legs. He also removed her shoes so that Jamie was naked except for a pair of black-laced panties as she lay on the cold, green felt of the billiard table. Zack looked into her eyes as he continued to run his hands over her smooth, elegant legs. Jamie felt guilty because, despite herself, she liked the way he stroked her and she could feel her body urging for more.

Then, Zack held up one of her feet began playing with it. He toyed with her toes and stroked the bottom of her foot. Jamie stifled a giggle. It was ticklish, but she didn’t want to show that she actually liked the sensation. Zack extended one of his hands and started to stroke her inner thigh whilst holding the foot. Jamie moaned. Zack then took the foot in his mouth and sucked her toes. ‘Oh!’ Jamie exclaimed as the move sent shockwaves through her body. 'You like it, don't you?' Zack taunted. 'Bastard!' Jamie hissed, but she knew that his comment was not far from the truth. The turn-on was incredible and she was already feeling the signs of an orgasm.

As if sensing it, Zack quickly removed his shirt and proceeded to slide her panty down her legs. All this time he had looked at her with the eyes of a predator, taunting his victim of her impending fate. Jamie tried to meet his gaze confidently, but failed. Hers was a look of anticipation, humiliation and guilt.

Zack parted her legs and slowly kissed at her inner thighs, left and right, inching closer and closer to the final destination until eventually, his mouth reached the entrance of her pussy, subtly nuzzling at her well-trimmed crevice. Jamie gasped as Zack began to lick at her. She arched her back and moaned audibly as her hands instinctively reached for and caressed his head. Zack wrapped his arms around her thighs and draped her legs over his shoulders as he lifted her buttocks slightly, slanting her at an angle. He brought her closer to his lips as he hungrily ate her. His tongue found her clitoris and attacked it with skill and desire. His hands then moved in front to caress her breasts. Jamie felt like a furnace within her. The sensation between her legs felt so good. She threw her head back and moaned unabashedly, her lips parted in an expression of ecstasy. Zack continued to lick her, his tongue darting in and out, here and there as if it’s searching for something. Then, he found the G-Spot and he attacked, flicking at it with the tip of his tongue. This brought Jamie over the edge as feelings of lust filled her body and mind. She wanted his tongue, she desired it and she needed it. Suddenly, with a cry, Jamie arched her back and shuddered violently, her breasts jiggling with the vibration, and Zack found his tongue coated with her cum. He continued to lick at her, lapping up her juices until she had no more to offer.

Jamie slumped on the table, tired and weary, but the action was far from over. Zack stood up and removed his pants and underwear, revealing a good-sized penis, already hard and anticipating. He grabbed Jamie’s legs firmly and pulled them further apart. This brought Jamie out of a semi-daze as she began to have second thoughts. She attempted to get up but was promptly pushed back down by Zack. A scuffle ensued. ‘No, this is too far…’ she yelped. ‘Darryl wouldn’t want this…I can’t…’ ‘It’s too late now!’ Zack snarled as, with one strong push, he slammed her back down on the felt and rammed his member between her legs. Though coated with cum, Zack’s large member tore through Jamie’s tight hole. Jamie screamed as her hips bucked and her hands flew to the sides of the table, gripping them white-knuckled. Zack was relentless, pumping in and out of her furiously, dispensing pent-up emotions of lust he was storing for her for the past 2 years. He stretched forward and began licking at her breasts, which were bouncing in rhythm with the impact, flicking at the already rock-hard nipples with his experienced tongue, sucking them and teasing them. Jamie moaned in pleasure as her own juices began to flow again, lubricating Zack’s member. Despite herself, her body began to respond to Zack, her hips began gyrating to his rhythm and inside her, her pussy began to tighten around him, accepting him expectantly. Jamie looked around the billiard centre. There she was, seemingly exposed to everyone, yet no one even heard her scream. Everyone was going about their usual businesses. Maybe the room was soundproofed, she consoled herself.

Then, with surprising strength, Zack reached his hands behind her back, her buttocks and picked her up, pumping into her standing up. Jamie had to cling on to his neck with her arms and to his waist with her legs in order not to fall on him. Perspiration covered their bodies as they slid against one another, belly button against belly button, her nipples against his well-developed chest. Zack began sucking on her neck again, swirling his tongue against her smooth skin. Jamie could feel his tongue at her collar bone, slowly tracing its way up to the nape of her neck. The nerve-endings there screamed in her head as she groaned, revelling in the sensation. Her arms gripped tighter around Zack’s neck as he increased his rhythm and intensity. Jamie began to squeal uncontrollably just as Zack’s breathing became short and sharp.Soon, both of them were lost in a frenzy of passion. Jamie thought she had died and went to heaven. Suddenly, she didn’t care about Darryl or even Zack fucking her, the tension between her legs were giving her so much pleasure, building up to a point when she felt that she was going to explode. ‘Ahh…fuck me! Oh! More, more…’ she cried, losing all rationality as the animalistic need for sexual fulfilment took over. Zack intensified his strokes even more, moving in and out like an overworked piston until finally, with a triumphant grunt, Zack came, shooting a powerful jet of hot semen into Jamie. Jamie felt his cum fill her womb, coating the walls of her cunt with hot, sticky fluid just as she herself came, convulsing and moaning uncontrollably. Slowly, her spasms subsided and she slumped on Zack as their cum began to drip out of her vagina, trickling down his legs. Both of them crumbled unto the floor, spent. But Zack wanted more.

Lying on the floor, with Jamie’s wet body still entwined around him, Zack thought of what to do next. After catching his breath for a few seconds, he picked up her limp body, set her on her feet and spun her around. He made her bend over the table so that her buttocks were sticking up a little. ‘You know something, Jamie?’ Zack panted ‘I’ve wanted to do this since the day I saw you.’ Zack sneered as he put his hands on her tight ass and caressed and massaged it roughly. Jaime hardly moved as she was already spent. Mischievously, Zack flicked a finger into her pussy to ‘wake her up’. ‘Ugh!’ Jamie jumped at the sudden touch, which sent shivers down her spine. Then, without warning, Zack brought one hand down hard on her puckered ass. This brought her fully out of her daze. ‘Aargh!’ Jamie yelped. This was the hardest smacking she ever had. Smack! ‘Please, no more…’ she begged. Smack! ‘Aargh!’ Darryl never went this far before. Zack stopped and looked at her derriere. What a pretty thing. It was well rounded and tight and every slap Zack had made had caused its flesh to ripple enticingly. Zack resumed the spanking, but this time, for every hit, he caressed and massaged her ass, soothing it a little before delivering another stinging shot. He turned a deaf ear to her pleas and continued to beat her as if she was a very naughty girl. By, the time he was done, Jamie’s buttocks were reddish pink and her face was wet with streams of tears.

Zack held her face in his hands and regarded her. Fortunately, she wasn’t wearing much makeup or the tears would have made a mess of it, he thought. ‘Oh, don’t cry…’Zack said pseudo-sympathetically as he began to lick the tears off her beautiful face. ‘Ugh’ Jamie tried to turn away but was too weak to resist. He turned her round again and bent her over the table. ‘No…no more…please...’ Jamie begged. She had lost all her feistiness and defiance.

‘It’s ok, I promise, no more…’Zack said, almost gently. Jamie should have known that he had something else up his sleeve. His hands began caressing her buttocks again, but this time, his fingers found their way into her anus. Jamie’s head snapped up at the invasion. ‘Oh please…no!…’ Zack replied, amused. ‘You have little choice, Jamie.’ With that, he continued to probe her anus. ‘Urgh…’ Jamie could only endure the outrage. Strangely though, she felt turned on by it. Zack certainly knew what he was doing and he was good at it, she thought. Suddenly, she felt the tip of his penis at her anus, circling it like a predator waiting for the final kill. ‘No, please…it’s going to tear me apart’ Jamie made another desperate attempt to stop him. Zack’s response was to ram his cock into her, almost burying her to the hilt. ‘Aaah…’ Jamie screamed for the second time. The pain was intense as he had entered her without any form of lubricant but she could only grit her teeth and endure. Zack fucked her ass relentlessly as he did with her pussy. One could hear the sounds of their bodies as they slapped against each other. Jamie pleaded with Zack to stop as the pain had become unbearable. Zack didn’t listen. Instead, with one hand, he reached in front of her and entered her pussy with his fingers. He then found her clitoris and began playing her. ‘Ah!..oooh…’ Jamie shuddered and moaned, her body tensing up and trying to find strength to react to its sexual calling. With the other hand, Zack twisted her head towards him and started kissing her, licking at her lips and cheeks. Then, the hand slid down and roamed her body, eventually ending at her breasts, teasing her nipples to hardness again with his fingers. They humped in that perverse position for what seemed like eternity. Before long, Jamie, being teased front and back couldn’t withhold any longer and with a wail, came again. Her knees almost buckled as she convulsed violently, but Zack held her up. Zack continued to fuck her in the ass until he came too. This time, the cum spurted into her ass in short bursts. Both slumped on the table after that, fatigued.

Still not fully contented, Zack lifted her whole body by her waist onto the table. He climbed on and immediately began to fuck her doggy-styled. By this time, Jamie could no longer protest. She had been broken. She had lost her spirit of defiance and had submitted fully to Zack. Anything that he wanted to do to her, he could. Zack knew this and decided to set her up for the final humiliation.

He stopped and stood up and ordered her to do the same albeit facing him. Jamie was barely able to stand as the pain in her anus was still stinging. ‘Kneel’ he commanded. Jamie knelt gingerly, her face was in front of his semi-erect penis. She knew what was coming. ‘Lick it’ Zack said. ‘No, please…’Jamie tried to give one last attempt to avoid what to her was the ultimate sexual humiliation. ‘Do it,’ Zack said coolly ‘And I promise no harm will befall Darryl, or you for that matter, and everything will be forgotten.’

Reluctantly, Jamie held his member in her hand. It immediately came to life. She gave it a lick. 'Oh...'Zack groaned with pleasure as he felt her tongue and the coolness of her saliva on his heated cock. Another lick. ‘More…’ Zack encouraged, emotions beginning to build within him. He gently held her by the hair and pushed her face against him. Jamie could smell the faint scent of sweat and sperm as her nose got buried in his pubic hair. She felt sick but she knew she couldn’t say no. Hesitantly, she took him in her mouth and began to suck. Zack moaned louder this time and pushed her a bit more. The feeling of her wet lips around him felt so good and her teeth teased his cock even further. Soon, her head was bobbing slowly up and down his shaft. But Zack, not content with her tepidness, began to thrust against her, building up speed. Jamie almost gagged, but endured it as her final humiliation. ‘Look at me!’ Zack commanded. Jamie looked up at him, her doe-like eyes were an expression of mixed feelings: humiliation, lust, pleasure and guilt. Zack stared back at her triumphantly as he raped her mouth. Then with a final grunt, Zack erupted. The come flowed almost endlessly, filling Jamie’s mouth, forcing her to swallow. Then, Zack withdrew his member and spurt the remainder of his semen on her face and body.

Zack almost collapsed from sheer euphoria, but managed to recover a bit of his poise. He stepped down and regarded Jamie, lying on the table, exhausted and sobbing softly, her body glistening with sweat and other fluids. Even in her ragged state, she looked beautiful. He reached for his bottle of champagne and placed it on the table. He thought for a while. 'To hell with the table.' He held Jamie in his arms and put her down on the table, such that she lay spread-eagled across its length. Jamie glanced at Zack. ‘No more, please…’ she uttered weakly. ‘I know…’ Zack said in his kindest voice yet. He then uncorked the champagne bottle and began pouring its contents all over her body, washing away some of the sweat and semen. ‘Ugh’. Jamie arched her back as the ice-cool liquid glided across her heated body, filling her crevices and pooling at her belly button. Zack poured some on her face as she grimaced. He then grabbed a nearby cloth put it beside her. ‘Clean yourself and you can go…I will do what I can for Darryl…this time.’

Jamie recovered moments later, cleaned up, put on her clothes and left quietly. The people at the centre were giving her the usual stares, but none of them would have known what happened in that room. A fact she was thankful for.

As she walked into the night, Jamie thought about Darryl and the home that she ran away from to be with Darryl; it was the home of a good, middle-classed family with strong religious upbringing. She had chosen the ‘exciting, rebellious’ life and that night, for the first time, she wondered whether it was worth it.

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