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My wife and I had been going thru battles over the last couple of years with lots of arguing and shouting matches. I don't know if it has been a change in her or me, but I wanted to try to work things out and agreed to see an Anger Management counselor.

The counselor's name was Jim Brady and worked out of a home office a few miles from where I lived. It turned out that Jim's daughter, Stephanie, had gone to high school with my daughter and was living at home while she attended community college. Apparently, Jim's wife was out of town at a conference.

On my second visit with Jim, we really delved into some of the root cause of the arguing my wife and I had been thru. I admitted that I had started looking at porn sites on the internet and that my wife had found out and was extremely hurt by it. I told Jim that I only started looking at the stuff as an outlet for my frustration with our own sex life that had become almost non-existent in the past two years. I admitted that I really missed having sex on a regular basis and was willing to do anything to get relief.

Jim and I talked for quite a while on how I could overcome these things and reconnect with my wife, but we'd need several more sessions. I made an appointment for later in the week to see him at 4:00 PM.

The day of the appointment came and I got an email at my office from Jim Brady asking if I could come in at 3:00 instead of 4:00 because a conflict. I replied that I could be there and hour earlier.

I arrived at the Brady home and knocked on the side door which was the entrance to his office. I was a bit surprised to see Stephanie open the door to greet me. Not only was it unusual for her to be there, but she was dressed in a skimpy little tank top and very short shorts that made it obvious she had no bra on and that the only thing she could possibly hide under the shorts was a thong!

"Hello Mr. Sanders, come on in!" she said with a smile and closed the door behind me.

"I have an appointment to see your dad at 3:00." I explained as my eyes stole quick glances of her petite breasts and poky little nipples straining from the white tank top.

She closed the blind on the window which I thought was a little odd as she then offered me a seat. I sat down and she plunked down in the over-stuffed sofa next to my chair. She slouched back and allowed her legs to part allowing me to look straight up her crotch and see the sliver of cloth that hardly concealed her pussy lips!

I glanced from her crotch up to her face and saw a wicked little smile come across her lips. Then she said "I overheard you talking with my dad the other day........ about you having to get some relief from looking at porn since your wife wasn't putting out!"

I started to protest "Stephanie, that's private information and you shouldn't have....."

I stopped in mid sentence. Stephanie had sat forward a bit and yanked her top off allowing my unencumbered view of the cutest little "A" cup tits with puffy little nipples I had ever seen.

"You like looking at my tits Mr. Sanders?" she said.

"Stephanie, you shouldn't......... This isn't right....... I mean, what if your dad....." I stammered.

" My dad won't be home til 4:30. You see, he had asked me to contact you and slide your appointment back a half hour, but I decided I wanted to have you for myself for a while, so I sent you the email from his computer!" she said as she quickly slipped her shorts off her legs and showed me her almost non existent thong!

"Why are you doing this to me Stephanie?" I said as I felt my resolve start to buckle and I was suddenly hungry for her young, firm body.

"I wanted to know if I could get you as hot as those porn sites you've been visiting........ Do I?" she said as she opened and closed her thighs over and over and I was dying to see what she had to show me behind that little triangle patch of thong.

Before I could answer, she slid onto her knees and shuffled over to where I was sitting. Her tits jiggled as she did and my eyes were glued on her firm young body. Her hand reached up and fondled my crotch and she soon found out how hot I was for her!

"Mmmmmm, that feels very nice Mr. Sanders....... I'll bet you'd like me to take this out and play with it?!" she said as she immediately went to work on undoing my belt, then unzipping my slacks.

I put up no protest, I just allowed this sexy young thing to open my pants and run her hand over the obvious bulge in my Jockeys. Her fingers ran up and down the length of my shaft and cupped my balls with her other hand.

"Oh my God!"I moaned as Stephanie leaned down close to my bulging member and I felt her warm breath.

"I've got to see this monster!" She said as she hooked her fingers into the waistband of my shorts and started to tug. I lifted my ass off the chair and watched in amazement as she stripped my shorts and slacks down to my ankles and my cock sprang into view right in front of her face.

"All right!" Stephanie cooed as she wrapped one fist around the shaft and brought the cock head to her lips.

"Oh Fuck!" I groaned as her mouth enveloped my cock-head and she began pumping the shaft as her tongue swirled around my helmet head.

Here I was, naked from the waist down in my counselor's office and having his teenage daughter sucking my cock! I quickly thought of what would happen to me if her dad walked in, or if my wife or daughter found out, it could truly destroy my life! Trouble was, having this little goddess sucking my cock that hadn't had a pair of lips around it in years was too good to pass up.

Stephanie was an expert at her job and was taking about 2/3 of the length of my shaft down her throat as she pumped me faster.

"Stephanie, if you don't stop........ I'm going to cum right in your mouth!" I tried to warn.

Her eyes flashed up at mine and she managed a little nod as if to tell me "That's what I want!"

Her other hand squeezed and released my scrotum over and over. I felt my cum boiling to explosive levels. I shouted "Oh god, I'm cumming!"

The first stream went directly down her throat and then she pulled back and allowed the next several cum blasts to shoot over her eye, nose, hair and chin. She continued pumping my shaft with her hand and rubbed the head of my cock all over her cum-stained face.

"That was awesome!" Stephanie said with a sexy little growl. "Now it's my turn!" she said as she stood, slipped off her thong and revealed her bald pussy with the cutest little cuntlips I'd ever seen.

"Come taste me Mr. Sanders!" Stephanie said as she slumped back onto the sofa and spread her legs wide apart!

I'd always liked eating pussy, but it was something my wife felt was dirty and degrading. Now I had the sexiest little cunt slut I'd ever dreamt of spreading her legs wide apart and I eagerly plunged my tongue deep into her waiting quim and began lapping her young cunt like I was a starved man.

Stephanie let out a loud "Oooooooooooo Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" as I hungrily sucked and licked her pussy. Her hips raised up off the sofa to allow me even greater access to pleasure her sex.

I looked up into her face and saw her eyes roll back and it told me she was already having her first climax! The view of her cum splattered face and the look of extreme sexual satisfaction on her face made me that much hotter to fuck this young tramp! I began fingering her pussy with two fingers as my tongue swirled around her clit. Then I would suck her swollen pussy lips hard into my mouth and watch her face contort with new feelings of lust. Her hips started bucking like she was getting an electrical shock and I could feel her cunt muscles spasm around my fingers.

"Oh Fuck!" she gasped as her bucking became stronger and more intense. I reached up with my free hand and began tweaking her puffy little nipples as my other hand continued fingering her wet gash.

"FUCK..FUCK..Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!" she hollered as her body was wracked with a powerful orgasm that seemed to go on and on.

I felt proud that I still had what it takes to pleasure a hot young girl I continued my onslaught and even decided to slip one of my slippery fingers into her sphincter as my other two fingers continued into her pussy.

Again she howled "Oh God Fuck me, Fuck Me....... FUCK MEEEEEEE!"

I could feel the tight muscles in her ass constrict around my finger as she rolled her head from side to side and wailed in pleasure! I decided it was time to do just as she asked!

I stood up, ripped off my shirt, kicked off my shoes and pants, then I hoisted her legs up in the air and spread them apart until her cunt lips opened up to show me the wet sex cavern . Her eyes got big as I leaned against the sofa with my knees and put the head of my hard cock against her opening. She obliged me by pulling her labia wide apart as my cock started to slide into her young pussy.

"Oh God Mr. Sanders........... You're soooo big!" she cried out as I rocked deeper and deeper into her cunt.

I was on fire and wanted to show this young sex fiend what an old man old enough to be her father could do to her and for her. It wasn't long before I was fully implanted into her pussy and started bagging into her with deep long strokes. She started to utter little moans every time I'd slam into the depths of her pussy. Her moans got louder and louder as I fucked her for all I was worth. The sounds of her wet pussy being stabbed by my slippery cock were filling the room with luscious sounds of wet sex.

To my surprise, I could already feel my climax building. I wondered if the little slut was on the pill or not. I figured just to be safe, I'd better pull out of her pussy before I came. My strokes were fast and furious as I started to groan myself. I could feel my balls draw up inside and I knew I was ready to cum. Just as I started to pull out, Stephanie wrapped her ankles around my ass and squeezed so tight, I was unable to pull out before my cock exploded with another load..........only this time it was deep into her womb.

I was in shock as my body convulsed and every ounce of my semen was now traveling deep inside my new, young lover. Before I could say anything to her, she grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me down to her. We kissed like maniacs and for the first time in my life, I tasted what my own cum was like that was smeared all over her sexy face. The experience was mind boggling! I lapped up the salty, musky goo as we kissed and continued fucking against each others sex. I guess we continued like that for several more minutes before my cock finally softened and I slipped from her pussy.

I sat back on my knees and looked at Stephanie. Her puffy little nipples stood up like little tents on her chest, her pussy gaped open and a steady trickle of cum seeped from her pussy. The smile on her face was a look of a well fucked woman and the aroma that filed the room was sexy as hell.

Stephanie looked over at the wall at the clock and said "We better clean up before dad finds us here!"

"I imagine if he did find us like this, I'd be dead and you'd be visiting your father in prison!" I joked half heartedly.

She went to the adjoining bathroom and got a warm, wet washcloth and brought it back to clean up my slick cock and balls. I reciprocated and wiped the oozing cum from her cunt as we kissed again. I was still in disbelief that I'd just done what I did! I wondered how I could keep a straight face in front of Jim any more, but knew I had to try.

I put my clothes back on as did Stephanie. We opened the windows in the office and sprayed air freshener all around to mask the juicy sex aroma. We held each other in another embrace and I found myself grinding my boner against Stephanie's hot body.

"You just can't get enough!" she said with a smile and reached down to fondle my hardness thru my clothes.

"You're the hottest woman I've ever fucked!" I said as I kissed her deep once more. I cupped her ass and pulled her tight against my body.

I heard a key enter the door from the outside and Stephanie and I leapt apart just as Jim entered the room.

"Oh hello Mr. Sanders, I wasn't expecting you until 4:30.... Didn't Stephanie let you know?" Jim asked.

"Yes, yes she did, I'm just a bit early and Stephanie was kind enough to let me in and entertain me until you arrived." I said as convincingly as possible.

I wondered if the aroma in the air was still telltale of what had gone on minutes before, but Jim seemed not to notice anything out of the ordinary. Stephanie left the room and Jim and I had another session together. I could hear water running in the house and figured that Stephanie was showering the remnants of our sexcapades together. A few minutes before Jim & I finished, I heard the front door slam and figured Stephanie was going out.

Jim thought I was making good progress and figured a couple more sessions would be necessary to complete my "therapy"!

I left his office and walked to my car. There, stuck in the door handle was a note folded up. I grabbed it and cupped it in my hand as I waived to Jim and got in my car. I opened the note and read "Meet me down at city park, 3 blocks south.
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