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Hi Dear readers, I am starting a NEW thread. I will post some HOT stories in it. Some are written by me and some are taken from NET. I hope u will like these stories.

Hi I am Sultan I am forty two year old and Pakistani living in England. About twenty years I got married to my cousin from England and come to live in England. As time went by my wife develop some medical problem so she could not get pregnant and I was desperate to get some children, we start fighting with each other. Her family start blaming me of that something is wrong with me. Just to satisfied them I went to doctors and have full checkup but they could not find anything wrong with me, and I shows those papers to my in-laws but they maintained their stance and in the end I had no choice to give my wife a divorce after that I live like bachelor for a while but due to persistent of my family and friends I went to Pakistan to find a woman.

It’s been a nearly fifteen years. I had not been to Pakistan because my wife and her family didn’t like that I keep contact with my family. It was a really very hot and humid when I arrived home all my family was there. My brothers, sisters and my old mom my father passed away long time ago. When we reach our village which is near Rawalpindi it was nearly evening. When I saw the house it make me cry all of my brothers and sister were married and fly away from home only my younger sister Zahida was home and due to her sacrifice. Our mom had roof on the head and food in belly. After two three day dust was settled down and ever thing went back to normal, and then I start noticing my sister she was a tough cookie .

Saturday we went down to Rawalpindi to buys some things for home. Ammi didn’t want to go so my sister came with me. It was quite a experience like my behan Zahida come alive.I noticed her first time she was a fully grown up women now.She had beautifully shape jism with nice medium sized breasts and a very tight ass. Like she has been training but it was not that did I forget to tell that its only five years difference between her and me . After her education she find a job at a woman school nearby city as a teacher and it was her income that was bring bread and butter in our home.I was such a useless son that ever since I went UK I never send any money to my mother. My behan seems so happy coming with me for shopping .

She was getting so close to me that some time our bodies would touch each other and the way she was looking and behaving that people would have though that we are husband and wife, not behan bahi. We bought a TV and then we ate at a restaurant and then we watched a movie togahter. All the time she hold my hand.Though in start I feel uneasy but after a while it feel nice and quite a few time we come to nearly hug each other and tell u the truth it feet nice. I enjoyed it very much before we knew all day went by. Oh….. she spoke”Itni jaldi shamm hoo gaye”. I looked at her her big brown eyes she was smiling and kind of sharem in there.I said” tu kahe too phir sa din kra lattee hain”. she smiled and squezzed my hand come more closed her body heat went through my jism and and her right breast touching my left arm. I tried to put distance but she came more closer it was wonderful but kind of strange as well we took taxi home with all of our things.

She was so excited that she did not let my hand go. We were sitting in the back of the car she sat so close to me like she nearly sitting on my lap. The heat coming from her legs was unbearable.Some time later I don’t know why I pull her closer to me.It was dark in the car and hold her real tight in my arms my arm went around her and I nearly touched her breast. Then I heard driver saying something bring me to my senses “oh my God what I was doing”. she is my sister for God sake but my hand was still around her and touching her breast and in my trouser was a big tent forming and she still cling to me. When we reached home she jumped out of car and went running in like a girl in love. My ammi come out I make driver to unload the things and TV it was quite late when everything settled down I went up on the roof to sleep. I had little net around the palang to save me from mosquitoes I tried to sleep but could not about a yard from me she was sleeping.

Or did she ------- my organ was full in bloom hard as stone I open my dhoti and let the poor guy free I knew I have to jack off to get some sleep I heard some noises coming from where she was sleeping but due to darkness I could not see anything. Sometime time went by and sleep took me over when I wake Zahida was gone to work. It was strange not to see her like I missed something .Day went by slow ammi was busy cleaning and arranging things. Then some distant relative came to visist they had a girl. My ammi wanted me to see her for my shadi but I was not interested in that girl. Zahida come back about four o clock. I was in my room so she came straight looking for me “pasine pasine” and sat beside me” kase hoo bahi” she asked.I looked her and smile she throw her dopatta on charpai and said without waiting for my answer: uff katni garmi ha”. I stared at her mamas they very big and around.She was wearing small kamiz shalwar and she looking very mast jawani.

She traced my eyes at her mamas but did nothing to hide. Her jism sweet smel made me mad all of sudden I garab her in my arms and kiss her on the lips. She almost melted in my arms and did not do anything to escape from my hold. So I got more bold and my hands went around her chotter. I grab them her chooter was around and soft.She start breathing very hard I tried to pull her down on charpaye . I lifted up her qameez and stared at her mommas though they were still covered in brassier. She looked direct in my eyes like a lover and sai “bahiya bohet intazer kraye”.I was stunned so she was waiting for me or this was just a sex starved woman. But i didn’t have time to think she pulled me down to her.

I lay flat on her body pelvis to pelvis and chest to chest hont hontoon per my lund was hard and ready to make a hole in stone. I just open my shalwar and freed my lora .We start kissing she open her legs slightly and my lund went on her choot we were kissing and i was making chodiye movements. My behan Zahida open her legs and I moved one of my hand to her choot.It was wet though she still has shalwar on I managed to put finger in to her hole.It was haven.I was moving my finger on her choot and rubbing her choot’s dana. “Oh hoo oh oh haye oh bhaiya oh bahiye” she was moaning. I removed my finger and guided my lund to her choot my lun’s head went in a little in her pussy hole. I could have fuck her right there and then but then I heard ammi making noises in kitchen and i quickly got up.

Zahida was still lying there with all her glory.Look of disappointment was clearly visible on her face her chotter was still moving slow erotic movement like fucking chodding. She put her hand down to her choot and went moanning “oh oh bahiye oh bahiye bohet intazer kraiye”. oh bahiye mere choot, ohohohoho ----- I was just stunned---- I never experience this kind of passion, her mames heaving up and down---------- it was a site for sour eyes......... Suddenly ammi called her she quickly got up and went out not even looking at me.......... Evening come and went and next two day I went to Lahore for receive my car from custom. I thought it could be two days’ work but it took me nearly whole week to clear the whole paper work. It was a Saturday evening when I reach home about eleven o clock. House was so quait I thought that ammi and Zahida are already sleeping. Since I was so tired myself so I decied to go to my bed right away.

I told nooker to closed the door and went to towards my room. As I enterd my room and turned the light on. I got shock of my life. There on my bed my behan Zahida was sleeping without doppate and very thin qameez. Her shalwar was on but I could see out line of her choot. Because her qameez was moved up to her pait. I stood there for moment. I don’t know how long but looking at her make me realized she is beautiful. Everything was first class about her. Then I realized I have to go out. I don’t want to destroy this creature which is my sister my own blood what goanna happen to her if we did have this incestuous relationship. I turned around to go out and then I heard “khahn ja raha hoo bahi”. Oh god she was wake all the time ------------ she got up and hold my hand and track me to the bed----------------- and before I knew we both were nangay and my head my buried in her garam choot.

I slowly teased her clit with my tongue but I did not have the SABAR. Before I knew her tangeen were on my shoulder and my lund was in her choot. “Oh oh lala chodde mughe oh bahiya bohet intazer kraiya ha” Mera lund uski choot main chaqoo ki terha ghuss giya or main uski choot ko koo chodna shroo ker diya ander baher ander baher. main na uski gand koo doona hathoon sa paker ker or oper kia or us choodna laga. Bahi ka lund li la”. han da doo lala ye choot tumhare he intazer ker rahe the phar doo mer phuddi lala oh oh’. Zhaida cried :zoor sa lala zoor sa her phuddi was pani pani hoo rahe thi. Main na apna lund uski phuddi sa nikal or use us ki shalwar sa saaf kia our phir zoor ka dhakka sa uski phuddi ma dal diya “Oh yes bahiiiiiiiiiiii” it went on for a while. Then lay on the bed and asked her to come on top I wanted to see mere lund behan ki choot ko kis terha chodta ha.

As she sat on my lun I made her bend towards me and I put her motta muma in my mouth and start choding her. Then I make her bend down in a dogy style.I said “meri jaan Zahida apni bahi ka lund koo chood hilla apni gand koo. Main nay pichay say us ki choot par apna lun rakha aur aik zoor ka dhake neache ki terf mara. Han lala is lund ka tu mughe bohet he intzar tha is motta lund ki liya tu ma shadi nahi ki ya mere ha ya sirf mere phuddi pharre ga uski gand was moving very faster now. I knew I won’t be able to hold out very longer. Oyeeeeeee meri garam behan khool apni phuddi ta kay main use apni sperm sa bher doon. “Han bhaiiiiiii jannnnnn” she screamed. Bher doo mer phuddi bher doo apni behn ki choot phar doo ise mere bachee dani koo apna pani sa bher doo apna gande pani sa apni behn ki bachha dani bher doo.

I quicklly make her stop and make her lie down open her legs as far as they will go and ram my lund with full force in her phuddi hole. Ohhhh oohoh oh she screamed. She pushed her gand upward to take more of my lund in her choot. Meray tatay us ka chooteroon ka upar tharap thrap par rahay thay. My thrust became faster and faster. Ohhhh lala tattay na ander dal dena abhi mere choot acchi terha nahi khulli aaj pheli dafa chudai hai tumari behan.Koie baat nahi main nay kha main iskoo phudda na banyoo to tere bahi nahi and then it hit me. Mera lun jaisay phatnay laga tha and one more thrust and I was comming and so she was---------oh oh she lifted her choot right up and hold it there my lund was in her choot as far it will go and drop drop after drop filled in her womb. She hold my gand in her hands clamp her lags around my back and hold me in to her all the way----

Our orgens were wet like hell. I dont know how long we stayed like that but we did not sleep very much that night. I got to know after wards that ammi was not home.It was good for us beacuse we fucked nearlly whole night and I could not get enough of her. After that time we could not stay away from each other. Every chance we got we nearlly tore each other cloths and bodies. We fucked in the hotels and ayub park or zero point. We were like lovers .she was growing sexy and beautiful every day.Ammi keep showing me girls and I keep rejectting them. One evening when we were waitting for ammi to go to bed she come in to my room and drop the bomshell----------- she was pregnant.

I looked at her face it was sad with worrries and sherm. Idraw her close to me and kiss her on her hont and said no problem we can get married. She pull away and looked at me strange eyes question in her big brown beautifull eyes.......... and then Istart pulling her qameez up and she removed her shalwar. I bend her down and put my ever ready lund in her phuddi and start telling her my plan that how we can be husband and wife and I hought she like my plan. Beacuse her gand start pushing back at me and her choot start making funny nosies which i loved very much chup chup chup. Zahida said “ Bahi tum mere phuddi koo abb phudda bana ker he chorro ga. I grunt and push hard toward her womb.

Next week I told ammi that I am going back to UK and Zahida is going with me. I can find her a good RISHTA and she can sattle there. Ammi was happy coz she was worried with her daughter was over age now and no Rishta was coming for her. So I moved my ammi with one of my bahi’s home and applied a visit visa for Zahida. We moved to UK and since then living here as MIAN BIWI.
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