After Honemoon (Story)

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I am 35/28/36 and I am 5.7" and Sonny is 5.10" very fit with just under 6" lund

Sonny is just normal size. Which is good for me, he know how to use it. We came
back from honeymoon, stayed at his parent's home for couple of days. Sonny had
his own apartment, so we went there. Just the two of us. I have to learn the
western cooking because Sonny like western food, it was hard for me to get used
to that food. You know grew up in Punjab there we eat Roti and Dal. But I slowly
got use to it. Sonny put me in school to learn English, I am still learning.
English is very hard to learn. I am sure lot of you fined lot of mistake I am
making in writing this. I thank you for understanding. The people in school were
very nice and Sonny's friends white guys and girls were very nice too. Sonny
took me to his office and we visit their homes. After about 6 moths, Sonny got a
transfer offer to move to bigger city about 3 hours away. I did not want to
move, but Sonny said it is good thing that I have the offer, I can move up in
job and get more money and more respect. I said but away from parents, it is not
good. Sonny: yes moving away is may not be good but we can have more fun when we
are away by our self. I said how. Sonny, you will find out later. So we moved to
other city.

There again I started to go to school to learn. The new people we met were nicer
too. Made few new friends. Sonny started taking me to dancing in the clubs.
There all the people were white. They all like me very much. They like me in
sari, sulwar. I was being asked to dance with them. First it was strange. It is
not like dance in Punjab, Gida or bhangra. This was close holding each other
very close, First I was staying bit away from the guys. Sonny said it ok to get
close to them. They will not bite me, unless I want it.

Guys were holding close to them and some of them were grinding their front on my
front. I felt their lump on me while they danced with me. When dance finish I
could see the bulge in their pants. Sonny said I am doing fine just relax. We
use to go Saturday night for dinner and dance. I asked Sonny if he is jealous of
me dancing with guys so close to me. He said he enjoy watching me making them
hard. They all like the way you move on the floor. He encourage me to relax more
and enjoy my self. Which I started to enjoy Just the dance. (I was not telling
Sonny how much I enjoy their bulge pushing in me)

One day at home when we were making love. Sonny asked me if I enjoy dancing with
guys. I said sure I enjoy. Do you feel their lunn pushing in you? I said u r bad
man, how can you say that to your wife. Sonny said he don't mind, wanted to know
if I fantasies about any one. I said what you mean? Do you like to make love
with any one of them? I said I can't do that I love you you're my husband. You
are the only one who I want to make love to. Sonny said but just fantasy in your
mind that's all, you don't have to do it .Don't you get curious as to how Jim's
dick will feel in you? I did not say any thing but started to hold him tight in
my arms and legs. He said he got the message. He started to move faster and
asked me to call him Jim not Sonny. I started calling him Jim. Jim please fuck
me, said sonny to me say it. I started to say that closed my eyes and imagine
that Jim is fucking me I started to call Jim come on fuck faster and faster.
Chodo is Punjabi ladki nu maro meri choot jor jor say. I see Sonny was fucking
me harder and harder, he was getting very excited that some other guy is fucking
me. We fucked for 15 minutes like this calling other guys names too. I could not
believe that Sonny enjoy more then me that his friend is fucking me. After we
cum and relax.

We talked about it. Sonny said I enjoy this acting, Bholy you are very good
acting. I said it is only acting that's all. I don't understand how husband can
enjoy watching his wife with another man getting fucked. In Punjab husband will
kill wife and the guy. Acting is ok. Sonny: here in west it is not a big deal
people do that for fun. What kind of fun it is watching wife get fucked. (in my
mind I was hoping he would ask me to do it). I said would you watch me do it, it
won't bother you? Sonny: No it won't bother me at all. I know you love me and I
love you. It is only for fun. If you like I can ask Jim to join one day. How can
you ask me that, u naughty boy, I wont like that? It is up to you Sonny said; I
know you like to get fucked by Jim. Am I right? I just lower my eyes. I said
what you will do while he is fucking me. Sonny said he will masturbate. I did
not say yes or no but he took it yes. Next day Sonny asked me who do I like
more. I said what u mean? You want Jim or. I said If you really want then get
Joe, he is nice and I could feel him that he is bigger then most guys. Ok Sonny
said, On Friday night it will be. Sonny ask me to wear black sari for Joe He
like black sari on you... Sonny came home about 5pm. He said Joe will be here at
6pm. At 6pm Joe was at our apt. He looked very handsome slim tall white man. He
was 26 6' tall He had tight pants on I could see his dick through his pants. He
kissed me on my cheek. We sat for drink. I made the drink fro all of us. I was
nervous Sonny was encouraging me to relax.

After few drinks I served dinner to them we 3 of us had dinner. Joe compliment
me on my cooking. Then we went to living room and Sonny put the TV on. Sonny got
me sit in between them. One side Sonny and the other side Joe. Sonny turned the
DVD on it was porn of 3some. Sonny started to kiss me and Joe also put his arm
around me, his hands were on my boobs. Sonny kissing and Joe massaging my boobs
It was too much for me. I was just melting. Sonny stop kissing and now Joe
started to kiss me with his tongue in my mouth mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Sonny started to
take off my sari and blouse off My boobs sprang out, Sonny got one in his mouth
and Joe had my other one in his mouth. I was moaning ohoohohoohohhhho. Sonny
pulled me on sofa on my back and removed my sari. I did not have petticoat under
it, Sonny told me not to have it. I was naked on sofa I had my eyes closed. It
was difficult for me to see Joe in the eyes. So Sonny started to suck on my
boobs and Joe got between my legs and started to lick my pussy. I was in heaven
I saw things in porn movies but this is was all new to me and I was just melting
away with their touches, I cum once Joe kept on licking my pussy, I was
shivering, He said he like the taste of my cum. Sonny got on top of me and put
his dick in my mouth for sucking, I started to suck it. In the mean time Joe was
all naked and Sonny lifted my legs up and held them apart for Joe to put his
dick in my pussy. Joe moved closer and touched my pussy lips and started to push
it in. It felt big and started to hurt bit.

He pushed it in I said oooooooooooohhhhhhhh I was in pain he was big. He stopped
and let me relax. Then he pushed more and more Finally he had his entire dick in
my pussy. Now he started to move in and out slowly. I was sucking Sonny's dick
and Joe was fucking me, I never in my life though it couple possible for me to
experience it. I thought only in porn. But it was happing to me and I was
enjoying it. Joe fucked me for 10 min, I cum again and Sonny had hic dick in my
mouth and he was holding my legs up. Now I put my legs around Joe and started
pulling him into me Sonny was rubbing my clit and making me Horney. Finally Joe
cum and Sonny filled my mouth at same time. Very exciting... Joe stayed at our
place all night we fucked few times, I enjoyed it each time did in many
positions Joe had 7" dick thick one too it felt real good in my choot. I thanked
both of them to make me happy; they said it was them who should be thanking me.
That was my first 3some. Please men do not offer to fuck me I get enough fucking
I do not need long distance fucking. Just comment be good. Till next time be
4some I will tell how I enjoy licking choot.
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